Agricultural Consulting and Support

for licensed cannabis research groups and cultivators to improve their productivity and sustainability.

Global Experience

Indicated Technology has global experience in medical-grade cultivation, consulting, strategic business management, branding, marketing, sales and distribution. We provide a helpful resource for licensed individuals and businesses involved in the medical cannabis space.

Industry Experience

With inventory management, marketing and distribution.

Brilliant Team

Of Botanical Specialists


In Production Horticulture with a focus on Hydroponic Crop Production


We exclusively distribute a range of essential agricultural equipment throughout Australia.


We are here to enhance Australian medical cannabis cultivation standards.

Why Work with

Indicated Technology

Our expert team at Indicated Technology has 30+ combined years of experience in the hydroponic sector. We pride ourselves on advanced knowledge of the latest technological innovations and production horticulture initiatives.

Backed with a strong network of global partners who also ensure we can provide planning and consultancy for both the public and private sector, from small-scale to large commercial applications.